Neeta Lulla is an Indian fashion stylist and costume designer.
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The Story of Neeta Lulla: India’s Celebrated Fashion Maestro

Neeta Lulla is a distinguished fashion professional and one of the most celebrated figures in India’s fashion industry. Renowned for her breathtaking costumes and exquisite designs, she has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

Early Life and Education

Born on March 5, 1965, in Mumbai, Neeta Lulla grew up in Ahmedabad. Despite being a tomboy with little interest in academics during her school years, she developed a passion for fashion early on. Encouraged by her father, who bought her popular biannual magazines like “Seventeen” and “Cosmopolitan,” Neeta’s interest in fashion and styling blossomed through the vibrant images and articles connecting Bollywood and fashion.

Neeta chose to marry rather than pursue traditional education but, at her husband’s urging, she later enrolled in a Diploma in Pattern Making and Garment Manufacture program at SNDT University in Mumbai. Under the mentorship of Hemant Trivedi, she honed her skills in makeup, fashion choreography, and styling events.

Career and Contributions to Fashion

Neeta Lulla’s career has been marked by her collaboration with numerous Indian film directors, styling costumes for many iconic films. Her work has earned widespread acclaim, particularly in films like “Chandni,” “Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja,” “Taal,” “Jeans,” “Lamhe,” “Khal Nayak,” “Kisna,” “Aaina,” “Khuda Gawah,” “Jodha Akbar,” and “Devdas.” Neeta has crafted looks for top actresses including Juhi Chawla, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Deepika Padukone, as well as for actors like Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Rajnikanth. Her fashion house has contributed to more than 300 films in over seven languages, for both domestic and international cinemas.

Neeta Lulla is an Indian fashion stylist and costume designer.

Ascendancy in the Fashion World

At 16, Neeta Lulla decided to pursue a career in fashion, graduating in 1985 with a degree in dressmaking and apparel construction from Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic SNDT University. Her career began under the guidance of renowned fashion choreographer Jeanne Naoroji. After three years, she transitioned to designing costumes for Bollywood, often working tirelessly for long hours. Her dedication and creativity soon established her as a prominent figure in the industry.

Neeta’s expertise extended beyond Bollywood to Hollywood, where she designed costumes for “One Night with the King” and “Mistress of Spices.” Building on her success in costume design, she launched her couture line and offered trousseau consulting for brides-to-be. In 2005, she opened her main store in Mumbai, providing bridal couture, diffusion clothing, and more. By 2009, she had established a distribution network spanning five continents. Responding to growing demand, she opened a second flagship store in New Delhi in 2016.

Fashion Philosophy and Personal Preferences

Initially aspiring to be a choreographer, Neeta’s eye for exquisite fabrics, embellishments, and design guided her to become one of India’s most renowned designers. She began her career assisting designer Hemant Trivedi and later worked with fashion choreographer Jeannie Naoroji, eventually finding her own path in the fashion industry. Influential directors like Subhash Ghai, Yash Chopra, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave her access to Bollywood, where she distinguished herself in costume design.

Neeta draws fashion inspiration from Meryl Streep, admiring her ability to make a statement without extravagance. She favors Prada for its cuts and

structures, and considers Alexander McQueen a creative genius. Neeta’s preferred fragrance is Angel by Thierry Mugler, and she is a thrifty shopper, avoiding overspending. Among her personal accessories, she favors Cartier watches for their wide range of designs. Her favorite restaurant is Yauatcha, known for its atmosphere and salads, and Rome, rich in history, is her favorite vacation spot.

Achievements and Recognition

Neeta Lulla’s contributions to the fashion industry have been recognized with numerous awards. She has won the National Film Award for Best Costume Design for “Lamhe” (1991), “Devdas” (2002), “Jodha Akbar” (2009), and “Balgandharva” (2012). Additionally, she received the IIFA Best Costume Design Award in 2000 and 2009, the Zee Cine Award for Best Costume Designer in 2003, the Bollywood Movie Award in 2011, and the Kingfisher Fashion Award in 2005. Her classic yet modern designs have captivated many, creating iconic looks that are celebrated worldwide.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

Neeta Lulla’s journey from a design student to a creator of bridal couture and movie costumes to an educator has come full circle. Soft-spoken and modest, she has received national acclaim for her costume designs in major films and is now a respected name in the industry. Neeta continues to enhance her brand through the growth of her label, creating costumes for blockbuster movies, and educating future designers at the Whistling Woods Neeta Lulla School of Fashion.

In conclusion, Neeta Lulla, the iconic fashion designer, has made significant contributions to the fashion industry. Her work in Bollywood and beyond, her dedication to nurturing new talent, and her passion for fashion continue to inspire and shape the future of design.


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