Anamika Khanna, the trailblazing fashion designer known for her fusion of traditional Indian styles with contemporary aesthetics.
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Anamika Khanna – Revolutionizing Fashion with Tradition and Modernity

Anamika Khanna, born and raised in Kolkata, is a celebrated fashion designer known for her unique ability to blend traditional Indian styles with modern aesthetics. Her dedication to originality and innovation has secured her a prominent position in the fashion industry, including a spot in the Business of Fashion’s top 500 list. Anamika is renowned for her dhoti pants, which exemplify her talent for transforming traditional garments into contemporary fashion statements. In a landmark achievement, she became the first Indian woman to showcase her work at Paris Fashion Week. Apart from designing, she enjoys painting and classical dancing. Her international label, “Ana Mika,” reflects her global influence.

Designing a Career

Anamika Khanna’s career in fashion began in 1998. Her first major milestone came in 2003 when she was invited to showcase her bridal collection at Bridal Asia in Pakistan. The following year, she established her first international label and participated in Lakme Fashion Week. In 2005, her collection “The Botanist” was featured at Wills Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

Anamika Khanna, the trailblazing fashion designer known for her fusion of traditional Indian styles with contemporary aesthetics.

In 2007, Anamika showcased her work at Paris Fashion Week alongside designer Manish Arora. Her signature designs, such as cowl-dresses and dhotis inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, were highlighted at HDIL India Couture. She was the finale designer at the Lakme Fashion Week Fall/Winter Edition and continued to gain recognition through her participation in various prestigious fashion events, including the Indian Premier London Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter Collection and Lakme Summer Resort in 2011.

Her popularity and skills continued to grow. In 2012, she showcased her iconic dhoti-pants, saree drapes, and floor-length jackets. At PCJ Delhi Couture in 2013, she presented collections featuring shararas, capes, gilets, vests, and coats in black, white, and gold. Anamika’s work was also featured at Bvlgari’s India launch in 2014 and India Couture Week in 2016.

Famous Works

Bridal Collection: Anamika’s bridal collections are renowned for their intricate embroidery, featuring pearls, roses, and veils, capturing the attention of all who see them.

Spring to Summer Collection: Her AK-OK spring/summer collection is notable for its open, free-flowing designs, soft colors, and lightweight fabrics, combining tradition with modern sensitivity.

Summer Resort Week Collection: Presented at Lakme Fashion Week 2015, this collection includes light colors, black, and bling, with contrasting and stunning designs.

Ethnic Women’s Wear Collection: This unique collection brought a sense of masculinity to feminine clothing, stunning audiences with its innovative approach.

Celebrities’ Influence

Anamika Khanna’s designs have captivated numerous celebrities in Bollywood. Stars such as Sonam Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and Jacqueline Fernandez frequently wear her creations at various events. Sonam Kapoor has worn her dresses at the Cannes Film Festival multiple times, while Sonakshi Sinha chose a lungi-styled skirt by Anamika for the IIFA awards. Other celebrities, including Deepika Padukone, Meera Rajput, and Alia Bhatt, have also been seen in her designs.


Anamika Khanna has received numerous awards for her contributions to fashion, including:

  • Export Council Award, 2004
  • Excellence Award for Outstanding Boutique (Female), 2004
  • MTV Lycra Style Awards – Designer of the Year, 2004
  • Designer of the Year (Women – Pret), 2004
  • Kingfisher Designer of the Year, 2004


Anamika Khanna’s dedication to merging traditional and modern elements in her designs has garnered admiration from celebrities worldwide. Her unique perspective and innovative approach continue to push the boundaries of fashion, creating a new world through her creative vision and distinctive design patterns. Anamika remains a significant force in the fashion industry, inspiring future generations of designers.


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