Archana Rao, the visionary minimalist fashion designer, showcasing one of her elegant creations at a fashion event.
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Archana Rao – The Visionary Behind Minimalist Fashion Design

Archana Rao has established herself as a prominent name in the world of fashion design. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, she quickly made her mark by winning the “Best Design Collection” award in 2007. This early success propelled her to further her education at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. During her time there, she was selected to showcase her graduation collection at Lord & Taylor’s Pearson Line Debut in 2009, a significant milestone in her burgeoning career.


Archana’s design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and minimalism. She is known for her aesthetic sensibilities and her love for the form and structure of garments. Her passion for experimentation is evident in her work, where she skillfully manipulates fabrics to create innovative and timeless designs.

Frou Frou

In 2011, Archana Rao launched her own label, Frou Frou, named after the rustling sound of fabric. The brand targets youthful, trendy designs characterized by simple shapes, crisp folds, and ombre effects. The silhouettes and hidden details in her pieces are designed to be ultra-simple and timeless, appealing to a broad audience.

Archana Rao, the visionary minimalist fashion designer, showcasing one of her elegant creations at a fashion event

Her Work

Archana’s talent has been showcased at numerous exhibitions, including Lakme Fashion Week, where her collections have received widespread acclaim. Her designs are retailed across India, from Anahita in Chennai to The Project in Hyderabad, Keitaro in Kolkata, Rudraksha in Pune, and Attic in Mumbai. Internationally, her brand is available at Laki Noon in Kuwait.

Notable Projects

Archana has also made a significant impact in the film industry, working on the Telugu movie “Mahanati.” This project, her first in film, was driven by her interest in the movie’s script and her collaboration with her friend Indrakshi and the director Nagi, a close friend. Her work on “Mahanati” allowed her to explore historical costume design, a challenging yet rewarding endeavor that required extensive research and creativity to recreate the era’s fashion accurately.

Experience with Mahanati

Her work on “Mahanati” was particularly notable for the meticulous effort she put into recreating period costumes. With limited visual references, Archana had to rely on her imagination and research skills to design authentic and beautiful costumes that reflected the bygone era. This project showcased her ability to blend historical accuracy with creative flair.

Artistic Vision

When asked why she chose design, Archana expressed her passion for art and costume design. She enjoys researching and exploring different art forms from various generations, always seeking to improve and innovate within her field. Her commitment to the best forms of art drives her continuous exploration and creativity in costume design.


Archana Rao is a distinguished artist, designer, and costume maker. Her minimalist and simple approach to design has garnered her significant acclaim. Her collections are widely recognized and have been showcased across the country, earning her a reputation for excellence. Her work on the film “Mahanati” stands as a testament to her skill and dedication, leaving a lasting impact in the field of costume design. Archana’s contributions to fashion and costume design continue to inspire and influence the industry.


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