Nishika Lulla, acclaimed Indian fashion designer, showcasing one of her innovative creations at a prestigious fashion event.
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Nishika Lulla – A Renowned Fashion Designer

Nishika Lulla, a prominent figure in Indian fashion, has carved a unique path in the world of costume and fashion design. Born into a vibrant family in Mumbai, her mother, Neeta Lulla, is an acclaimed costume and fashion designer, while her father, Dr. Shyam Lulla, is a respected psychiatrist. Growing up in the creative and dynamic environment of Film Town, Nishika was inspired by her mother’s illustrious career, which set the stage for her own journey in fashion.

Early Life and Inspirations

Nishika often credits her mother as her primary source of inspiration. Her mother’s successful career in fashion left an indelible mark on Nishika, fostering a deep interest and passion for design from a young age. Nishika’s admiration for her mother’s work and her exposure to the world of fashion motivated her to pursue a career in the same field.

Nishika Lulla, acclaimed Indian fashion designer, showcasing one of her innovative creations at a prestigious fashion event.

Career Beginnings and Achievements

Nishika launched her own label in 2009, establishing a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her brand is known for its eclectic mix of formal and funky clothing, including jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, and skirts. Expanding her creativity beyond clothing, Nishika’s label also features a wide range of accessories such as bags, handbags, watches, and more.

Her innovative designs and keen sense of aesthetics have garnered a significant following, especially among the youth. Nishika’s online brand, Stylista, has become a popular platform where she showcases her latest collections. By understanding the diverse preferences of her peers, she has successfully created designs that resonate with a broad audience.

Recognition and Exhibitions

Nishika’s work has been showcased at prestigious events like the Lakme Fashion Week, where her collections have received widespread acclaim. Her excellence in costume design was recognized with the Barbie Doll’d Up Show award in 2009. Some of her designs are even displayed in international Barbie museums, highlighting her global influence.

Personal Life

In 2015, Nishika married Dhruv Mehta, a well-known entrepreneur, in a ceremony held at the ISKCON temple in Juhu. A devout admirer of Sri Krishna, she cherishes celebrating her marriage anniversary at the ISKCON temple. Their relationship blossomed during the wedding festivities of mutual friends, culminating in their union. Their wedding was graced by the presence of Bollywood icon Hema Malini.

Legacy and Impact

Nishika Lulla continues to build on her family’s legacy while forging her own path in the fashion industry. Her creative talents and innovative designs have made her a celebrated designer in India. With her collections reaching various parts of the country and her significant online presence, Nishika has successfully made her mark in the fashion world. Married to a prominent entrepreneur, she enjoys a fulfilling personal and professional life, embodying the spirit of modern Indian fashion.



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