Yu Yong, founder of Cathay Fortune Corp., a leading investor in mining and technology sectors.

Yu Yong – Leading China’s Global Investment Frontier

Early Life and Background

Yu Yong (Chinese: 于泳), born in 1961, is a prominent Chinese businessman known for his extensive ventures in the mining, industrial manufacturing, and real estate sectors. Hailing from China, Yu has carved out a significant place in the business world through strategic investments and innovative business practices.

Yu Yong, founder of Cathay Fortune Corp., a leading investor in mining and technology sectors.

Career Beginnings and Cathay Fortune Corp.

Yu Yong is the founder and head of Cathay Fortune Corp., also known as Hongshang Industrial Holdings Group, which is based in Shanghai. Cathay Fortune Corp. has established itself as a major player in the mining industry, with notable investments including a significant stake in China Molybdenum, a leading mining company. As of March 2024, Forbes estimated Yu Yong’s net worth at an impressive US$10.0 billion.

Key Business Ventures and Investments

In 2012, Cathay Fortune Corp. made headlines with an AUS$830 million hostile bid to take over the Australia-based Discovery Metals. This bid, backed by loans from the China-Africa Development Fund, ultimately fell through due to concerns about the viability of the Boseto copper project in Botswana.

Yu Yong’s business acumen extends beyond mining. He holds a major stake in Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), a leading Chinese battery manufacturer that went public in 2018. Yu acquired a 1.69% stake in CATL through a pre-IPO sale, showcasing his foresight in investing in emerging technologies. Additionally, Cathay Fortune Corp. is the largest shareholder in China Express Airlines, holding a 40% stake.

Diversification and Real Estate

Yu Yong has also made significant inroads into the real estate sector, particularly in Shanghai, where he is a major investor. His holding company, Cathay Fortune, has diversified its portfolio to include substantial investments in the financial services sector, involving several Chinese banks and financial institutions.

Controversies and Challenges

Despite his numerous successes, Yu Yong’s career has not been without controversy. His hostile bid for Discovery Metals faced resistance from the Australian government and shareholders, highlighting the challenges of international business ventures. Additionally, his involvement in the Boseto copper project in Botswana attracted criticism due to concerns about its potential environmental and social impacts on local communities.

Personal Life

Yu Yong is married and resides in Shanghai, China. Despite the challenges and controversies he has faced, Yu’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic investments have cemented his status as a significant figure in the global business landscape.

Legacy and Influence

Yu Yong’s journey from a local entrepreneur to a global business magnate underscores his strategic vision and resilience. His diversified business interests and substantial investments have made a lasting impact on various industries, particularly mining, industrial manufacturing, and real estate. As he continues to navigate the complexities of the global market, Yu Yong remains a formidable force in the world of business.


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