Liu Hanyuan, founder of Tongwei Group, a global leader in solar energy and fish feed production.
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Liu Hanyuan – Revolutionizing Industry and Diversification

Early Life and Entrepreneurship

Born in 1964 in Meishan, China, Liu Hanyuan hailed from a humble peasant family background. Academic pursuits did not initially captivate him, but during his high school years, he discovered a passion for aquaculture technology. After graduation, facing difficulties in finding employment, Liu embarked on entrepreneurship at the young age of 19. With a modest $60 loan from his father, he launched a fish farming business despite encountering initial setbacks.

Liu Hanyuan, founder of Tongwei Group, a global leader in solar energy and fish feed production.

Undeterred by early failures, Liu’s perseverance and dedication led him to innovate and refine fish farming techniques. Through relentless research and hands-on experimentation, he achieved unparalleled success, rapidly expanding his operations to become a leader in fish feed production.

Founding of Tongwei Group and Expansion

In 1992, Liu founded Tongwei Group, pivoting the company’s focus to specialize in fish feed production. Under his leadership, Tongwei Group emerged as the world’s largest manufacturer of fish feed, boasting an annual output of 10 million tons by leveraging advanced technology and strategic expansion.

Entry into Solar Photovoltaic Industry

In 2006, recognizing the burgeoning opportunities in the global photovoltaic industry, Liu Hanyuan diversified Tongwei Group’s portfolio. By 2007, Tongwei ventured into solar energy with the establishment of Tongwei Solar, focusing on research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of solar photovoltaic products. Embracing a vertically integrated business model, Tongwei Solar solidified its position with significant investments in high-purity silicon production, crucial for solar cell manufacturing.

Leadership in High-Purity Silicon Production

Since entering the high-purity crystalline silicon market in 2013, Tongwei has become the world’s foremost producer, boasting an annual capacity of 180,000 tons with plans to expand to 350,000 tons by 2023 and up to one million tons by 2026. Despite industry challenges such as subsidy cuts and price fluctuations, Tongwei’s commitment to expansion remained steadfast, reinforcing its dominance and influence in the global market.

Diversification and Entrepreneurial Vision

Beyond solar energy, Liu diversified Tongwei Group into various sectors including food production, real estate, construction, and media. His strategic vision and leadership earned him recognition as one of China’s most influential business leaders in 2004, alongside becoming the wealthiest individual in Sichuan province.

Political and Social Contributions

Actively engaged in politics, Liu Hanyuan serves as a deputy in the National People’s Congress, advocating for sustainable development and promoting renewable energy initiatives. His influence extends beyond business, emphasizing the importance of contributing to societal welfare and economic stability.

Personal Life and Legacy

Liu resides in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, with his wife. His journey from a young entrepreneur overcoming adversity to a global business magnate exemplifies resilience, innovation, and commitment to transformative leadership in both industry and public service.


Liu Hanyuan’s legacy as the founder of Tongwei Group underscores his profound impact on global industries, from pioneering advancements in fish feed production to shaping the future of renewable energy. His multifaceted achievements and contributions continue to shape the landscape of business, innovation, and sustainability on a global scale.


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