Ola co-founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati

Ola Success Story – Revolutionizing Mobility in India and Beyond


Ola, India’s pioneering cab aggregator, has redefined urban mobility since its inception in December 2010. Co-founded by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, both graduates from IIT Bombay, Ola emerged as a transformative force in the transportation sector, bridging the gap between commuters and cab owners through innovative technology.

Early Days and Vision

The journey of Ola began when Bhavish Aggarwal faced a harrowing experience with a cab driver during a trip from Bangalore to Bandipur. This incident ignited the idea of creating a reliable and efficient cab service in India, where such incidents were unfortunately common. Thus, Olatrip.com, initially offering holiday packages, pivoted into OlaCabs, aimed at providing a seamless cab booking experience.

Business Model and Expansion

Unlike traditional taxi services, Ola adopted a platform-based approach, partnering with numerous cab owners and drivers across India. This asset-light model allowed Ola to rapidly scale its operations without owning any vehicles, leveraging its robust mobile app to connect passengers with nearby drivers efficiently. Over the years, Ola expanded its services beyond regular cabs to include auto-rickshaws, bikes, and even electric vehicles, catering to diverse mobility needs across 250+ cities in India and international markets like Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Innovative Offerings

Ola’s commitment to enhancing customer experience led to the introduction of several pioneering features. ‘Ola Play’ offered passengers in-cab entertainment, while ‘Ola Select’ provided premium benefits through a subscription-based membership. The company also ventured into bike-sharing with ‘Ola Pedal’, promoting eco-friendly last-mile connectivity.

Market Leadership and Growth

By 2020, Ola commanded nearly 50% of India’s ride-hailing market, positioning itself as a market leader against global competitors. Its rapid growth was supported by strategic funding rounds totaling approximately $5 billion, with investors recognizing Ola’s potential to revolutionize urban transportation not only in India but also globally.

Challenges and Resilience

Ola faced challenges typical of the highly competitive and regulatory-sensitive transportation industry. The company navigated through regulatory landscapes, driver-partner relations, and technological advancements while maintaining its commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Diversification and Vision for Future

Beyond ride-hailing, Ola diversified its portfolio with initiatives like Ola Electric, focusing on electric vehicle manufacturing, and Ola Financial Services, offering innovative financial products tailored to its driver-partners and customers. These initiatives underline Ola’s vision of not just transforming mobility but also contributing to sustainability and financial inclusion.


Today, Ola stands as a testament to entrepreneurial vision and technological innovation in India. From its humble beginnings to becoming a household name synonymous with convenient and safe transportation, Ola continues to evolve, innovate, and expand its footprint globally. As it charts new territories and explores new business verticals, Ola remains committed to its mission of creating mobility solutions for a billion people, shaping the future of urban transportation worldwide.


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