The remarkable life of Gopichand Hinduja

Biography of Gopichand Hinduja

Gopichand Parmanand Hinduja, born on January 29, 1940, is a British billionaire businessman and a prominent figure in the Hinduja Group conglomerate. Together with his late brother Srichand “S. P.” Hinduja, he played a pivotal role in the group’s success, amassing considerable wealth and influence over the years.

Early Life:

Gopichand Hinduja was born into a family deeply rooted in business on January 29, 1940. His upbringing in Bombay, India, laid the foundation for his future entrepreneurial endeavors. He received his education at Jai Hind College in Bombay, shaping his intellect and vision for the future.

Business Career:

Following in the footsteps of his father, Gopichand embarked on his business journey in his family’s textile and trading enterprises in Bombay and Tehran, Iran. His early ventures included successful trade operations involving food commodities and iron ore between India and Iran.

The Hinduja Group’s ascent to prominence came with strategic acquisitions like Ashok Leyland and Gulf Oil in the 1980s, along with the establishment of banks in Switzerland and India in the 1990s. These moves solidified the group’s position as a major player in India’s business landscape, rivaling esteemed conglomerates such as Tata, Birla, and Ambani.

In 2012, the Hinduja Group made headlines with the acquisition of Houghton International, a leading metal fluids manufacturer, further expanding its global footprint and influence.


Gopichand Hinduja’s financial prowess is undeniable, consistently ranking among the wealthiest individuals in the UK and Asia since the 1990s. With his late brother Srichand, he topped the Sunday Times Rich List in May 2017 with an estimated wealth of GBP 16.2 billion. Their combined wealth has been valued at billions of pounds, securing their status as prominent figures in the global billionaire community.

Personal Life:

Outside of business, Gopichand Hinduja finds joy and fulfillment in his family life. He is married to Sunita Hinduja, and together they have two sons, Sanjay and Dheeraj, and a daughter named Rita. The Hinduja family, deeply rooted in Sindhi heritage, maintains strong bonds and values amidst their business pursuits.

In 2015, their son Sanjay Hinduja’s extravagant wedding to designer Anu Mahtani garnered attention for its opulence and grandeur, featuring renowned celebrities and lavish entertainment.


Gopichand Hinduja obtained British citizenship in 1997, further solidifying his ties to the UK and expanding his global reach.

Throughout his illustrious career, Gopichand Hinduja’s contributions to the business world have been remarkable, leaving an indelible mark on the Hinduja Group and the global business landscape alike.


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