Priyanka Chigurupati, Executive Director of Granules Pharmaceuticals Inc., leading her family's pharmaceutical business towards global expansion and innovation.
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Priyanka Chigurupati – Leading Granules India Forward

Priyanka Chigurupati, a dynamic second-generation entrepreneur, is propelling her family’s pharmaceutical business, Granules India, into new heights. Starting her journey with Granules India as a marketing manager for a region-specific division, she quickly rose to oversee a new API facility and establish the US team for Granules Inc.

Priyanka Chigurupati, Executive Director of Granules Pharmaceuticals Inc., leading her family’s pharmaceutical business towards global expansion and innovation.

Early Life and Education

Priyanka’s path to the pharmaceutical industry was not initially clear. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, she pursued her passion for fashion by obtaining an associate degree in Applied Science (Fashion Marketing) from Parsons, the New School of Design. She launched her fashion label, Chigurupati, designing Western and Indo-Western apparel for young women and retailing through e-commerce platforms, which was a novel approach at the time.

Entering the Family Business

In 2012, Priyanka was invited to join Granules India, the family-owned pharmaceutical company with operations in Hyderabad and the US. Granules India Ltd. is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company focusing on R&D and multi-product delivery, including the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates (PFIs), and Finished Dosages (FDs). Reflecting on her decision, Priyanka says, “I joined the family business of pharmaceuticals after pondering on what to do post my education in the US.”

Starting as a marketing manager, Priyanka embraced a collaborative approach, valuing collective decision-making over unilateral actions. This philosophy not only facilitated her learning but also instilled the confidence to influence organizational strategy, shifting the company’s focus towards manufacturing excellence.

Career Progression and Achievements

After a brief sabbatical, Priyanka returned to Granules India to manage a newly acquired API facility and subsequently relocated to the US. There, she drove the over-the-counter division as a project manager, later expanding her responsibilities to the prescription side of the business, which posed a new set of challenges due to the company’s limited R&D emphasis at the time. Her efforts culminated in her appointment as Executive Director of Granules Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GPI), where she oversaw the global business front-end, achieving 30+ abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) filings and their commercialization.

Currently, Priyanka leads the entire US generics business, which generates 50% of Granules’ overall revenues. She also manages the company’s portfolio and spearheads investor relations. Under her leadership, Granules has thrived in the competitive US generics market, maintaining a strong presence even as other Indian drug makers retreated from highly commoditized molecules like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

Expanding Horizons

Granules is actively expanding its operations, including setting up a new Multi-Unit Pellet System (MUPS) block in Telangana and an API block for medium to high-volume products. Internationally, the company is making inroads into Europe and enhancing its US market share. The company has seen significant growth, with consolidated revenue reaching Rs 2,598.65 crore in FY 19-20 and continued growth during the pandemic, driven by its essential services designation and commitment to uninterrupted medicine supply.

Personal Passions and Inspirations

Beyond her professional achievements, Priyanka is passionate about fitness and fashion, continuing to write and blog on these interests. Inspired by her marathon-running parents, who earned a Guinness World Record in 2010, she brings the same dedication and resilience to her leadership at Granules. Priyanka aims to consolidate and strengthen Granules’ position as a billion-dollar company, empowering her team to share in the organization’s vision with strong conviction and commitment.

Through her strategic vision and innovative leadership, Priyanka Chigurupati is not only honoring her family’s legacy but also ensuring Granules India’s sustained growth and success in the global pharmaceutical industry.



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