Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal surrended at the Tihar jail after his interim bail ended on June 1.

AAP Alleges Arvind Kejriwal Weighed Thrice with Different Machines in Tihar Jail, Authorities Refute Claims

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who surrendered at Tihar jail following the completion of his interim bail in a money laundering case, has become the center of a new controversy. On Monday, leaders from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claimed that Kejriwal was subjected to a “conspiracy” involving the repeated measurement of his weight and the denial of a cooler in his cell.

Senior AAP leader and Delhi Minister Atishi alleged in a press conference that Kejriwal’s weight was measured with three different machines during his medical examination on Sunday. She claimed the readings varied significantly, showing 61 kg, 64 kg, and 66.5 kg, respectively.

“The weight of Kejriwal is 63.5 kilograms, which was measured only once when he surrendered on Sunday. There was no problem with the weighing machine. His other vitals, including blood pressure and sugar, are normal,” a senior Tihar jail officer told PTI.

Atishi further criticized the jail conditions, highlighting that Kejriwal, a diabetic for 30 years, was not provided with a cooler despite the soaring temperatures in Delhi, which ranged from 48 to 50 degrees Celsius. She accused the BJP and the Lieutenant Governor of treating Kejriwal with undue cruelty and alleged that such actions would not be forgiven by the people of Delhi or a higher power.

The Tihar jail authorities refuted these allegations, stating that Kejriwal’s weight was measured using only one machine and maintained that the facility of a cooler is only provided following a court order. “Coolers are provided to inmates who are unwell upon court orders. Kejriwal’s vitals were normal, and his weight was 63.5 kg when measured upon his surrender,” the official added.

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh echoed Atishi’s claims, stating on social media that Kejriwal’s weight was measured three times with differing results. He criticized the authorities, suggesting the weighing machines needed fixing.

The jail official clarified that Kejriwal’s weight was 64 kg when he was released from jail on May 10, using the same machine that recorded 63.5 kg upon his recent surrender. They also confirmed that Kejriwal’s blood pressure was 120/76 and his sugar level was 120 on Monday. He is being administered insulin twice daily and monitored by two doctors within the prison.

Kejriwal was able to speak with his wife, Sunita Kejriwal, via phone on Monday evening. The controversy continues as AAP leaders demand better treatment and transparency regarding Kejriwal’s health and conditions in Tihar jail.


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