A portrait of Jagdish Mulik, former MLA from Vadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra, and a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
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Jagdish Tukaram Mulik – Championing Community Development in Pune

Jagdish Tukaram Mulik, a seasoned leader and former Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Vadgaon Sheri constituency in Pune, Maharashtra, is renowned for his unwavering commitment to public service and community development. Affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Mulik has played a pivotal role in driving socio-economic growth and infrastructure development initiatives in his constituency and Pune city at large.

Jagdish Tukaram Mulik

Born and bred in Pune, Jagdish Mulik possesses an in-depth understanding of local issues and community needs. His leadership has been instrumental in spearheading various developmental projects aimed at bolstering infrastructure, fostering economic progress, and implementing social welfare schemes for the marginalized sections of society. Under his tenure as MLA, significant strides were made in establishing new businesses, constructing vital road networks, and introducing welfare programs to uplift the underprivileged.

Commitment to Culture:
Beyond politics, Jagdish Mulik is a staunch advocate for preserving Pune’s cultural heritage and traditions. He actively champions the conservation of historical landmarks and promotes art and sports activities to uphold the city’s rich cultural legacy.

Political Involvement:
As an active member of the BJP, Jagdish Mulik has held key leadership positions within the party, including serving as the president of the BJP Pune city unit. His dedication to social causes extends to his involvement in various social and religious organizations, reflecting his steadfast commitment to community welfare and service.

Legacy and Impact:
Jagdish Mulik’s reputation as a dedicated public servant and grassroots leader extends far beyond his political affiliations. His tireless efforts to address the concerns of citizens within the Pune Municipal Corporation have garnered widespread acclaim and admiration. His contributions to the development and upliftment of Vadgaon Sheri and Pune city have solidified his standing as a respected figure among constituents and peers.

Future Outlook:
With his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to public service, Jagdish Tukaram Mulik continues to shape the political landscape of Pune city and Maharashtra. His commitment to inclusive growth and community empowerment positions him as a significant force in Maharashtra politics, poised to drive positive change and progress in the years ahead.


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