Anand Mahindra shared a mesmerising photo of a Rhododendron tree from Nagaland.

Anand Mahindra Mesmerized by Nagaland’s Majestic Rhododendron Tree

Renowned for unveiling India’s hidden gems, Anand Mahindra recently uncovered a stunning spectacle on his X profile: a breathtaking Rhododendron tree in full bloom, nestled at Mt Japfu in Nagaland.

Expressing profound admiration, Mahindra shared a captivating image of the tree’s splendor, inviting others to behold its magnificence. Inquiring about its flowering season, he sparked curiosity among followers, prompting an exploration of this natural wonder.

“Incredible beauty. Just waiting for us to discover it. What is the flowering season of this tree? It’s worth a visit to view just this tree,” Mahindra’s caption read.

Revealing enchanting details, the original post disclosed that the tree stands an impressive 109 feet tall, earning the prestigious title of the tallest Rhododendron tree in the Guinness World Records. Situated near Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, this majestic marvel beckons admirers from far and wide.

Mahindra’s post resonated widely, garnering admiration for the tree’s grandeur and igniting a collective desire to witness its splendor firsthand.


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